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annebestbidder5673 annebestbidder5673 5 years
as diffrent pitchers get shown i just cringe for her morrrrrrrrrr lord have mercy 
annebestbidder5673 annebestbidder5673 5 years
i dont think it looks trashy but if u take the bottom away thats a help and the robo cop armbands arrr lord i have had a dress made it covers my back side and its covering my hole body it has a spit on my dress and is fully coverd then it has a skirt with the same type of matereal around the bottom like a skirt also hides my waste duzent show 2 mutch its cost me under 50 pounds and its gone up i havent got it yet but i will post a pitcher with it on if eny 1 is intreastead the flesh coloured net vile spoils it and the arms is she going 2 a matrix relm that purpel rug is just saying every 1 look at me ive got my rug under my shoe and didnt no its came with me stars is easy 2 become designers all of a sudden perfume clothes and a lot more i have seen beyonce at new castel in a concert and she has chunky legs she is very large boned shall we say so if u notice she has dancers a lot more smaller that makes her look bigger but if beyonce wants me 2 slap her designer ugley i will just because she a star duzent mean she nos fasion ladys 2 day carnt afford luxery dresses but i have a near copi with out the rug lord its just saying every 1 look at me but in a bad way the arms on this dress whots going on aaarrrrrrrrr shel be slapping her self i bet 
Crystal2601417 Crystal2601417 5 years
Everyone seems to be raving about this dress, but I didn't like it at all.  This was not her usual style, not that she can't dress "outside the box" - but this was horrible to me,it looks trashy.  She always looks so elegant and ladylike . . this looks like she's going to a burlesque show in Vegas or something. . not feeling it.
kayecouture kayecouture 5 years
I love everything about this.
hollinger72 hollinger72 5 years
Atrocious. Neither fashion-forward nor attractive.
Natalie2672026 Natalie2672026 5 years
This is PERFECT for the Met.  She looks amazing.
Beverly2671850 Beverly2671850 5 years
A bit over the top with this one, B (you were not on stage). I'm sure you're proud so soon after the baby, but you tried too hard to show it. Hot with class can happen and usually you pull it off... just not this time!
Guest44989 Guest44989 5 years
Pursy Pursy 5 years
Chi-Diem-Chau Chi-Diem-Chau 5 years
Beyonce is BEYOND.
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