Bill Cunningham of The New York Times noticed all of the bright colors cropping up in Manhattan in spirit of the summer. His few-minute videos are one of our secret addictions, as they simplify fashion trends to the point of random street sightings. That is, if Bill Cunningham sees a gal wearing a red bandana and another gal wearing a red headband, a trend, to him, is born. The other noteworthy aspect of his weekly musings for the Times is his democratic selection of subjects. Where other New York trend forecastings usually remain strictly downtown and/or designer, Cunningham shoots the crazy lady feeding the birds in the park alongside women leaving the Oscar de la Renta resort show. Or perhaps he has a young liberal assistant. As a salute to the brights Cunningham noticed this week, partially inspired by the Vuitton windows (left) on Fifth Avenue, here's a spread of our favorite summer colors, bound to stop traffic from Harlem to Little West Twelfth.