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What Would Blair Waldorf Do? 37 Style Tips From Queen B

It's been awhile since we last heard the famous phrase, "You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl," — and we've been on a downward sartorial spiral ever since. Though fashion-centric hits like Katy Keene and Killing Eve have delivered their fair share of inspirational moments, we've yet find a small-screen fashion phenomenon quite like Gossip Girl.

Iconic style moments dominated the Upper East Side, but it was Blair Waldorf, played by the stunning Leighton Meester, who was always one step ahead of the style pack. She was a classic beauty with a royally bold disposition, and her polished style translated into the masterful portrayal that captured the hearts of tastemakers around the globe. From the launch of cult-like trends — one word: headbands — to the crème de la crème of designer duds, it was Queen Bee who reigned supreme.

We're summoning 37 spirited style tips from the one and only Mrs. Blair Waldorf-Bass.

Image Source: Getty / Ray Tamarra

1. Wearing Sweats to Get Coffee Is Unacceptable

Actually, wearing sweats anywhere is unacceptable — unless they're a pair of joggers styled with an embellished crop top and heels.

Image Source: Getty / Marcel Thomas

2. Wear Your Heart on Your Handbag

Wearing your heart on your handbag rather than your sleeve will save you a lot of tears. Who has time for tears these days?

Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

3. Horizontal Stripes Can Be Flattering

Please see above for proof.

Image Source: Getty / Marcel Thomas

4. Always Store Flip Flops in Your Evening Bag

You may have to walk a block or two to find your limo. It's not your fault they all look the same!

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5. Gather Inspiration From Iconic Films Like Thelma & Louise

Who doesn't enjoy a good head scarf and retro shades?

6. Walking on Uneven Ground Does Not Warrant Flats

Pairing a feminine mini with flats is worse than a sprained ankle.

Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

7. A Situational Dresser Is a Smart Dresser

This plaid-on-plaid combo is hands down better than anything we've ever seen at the Olympics.

Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

8. No One Does Tartan Like Alexander McQueen


Image Source: The CW

9. Experiment With Different Hues in the Same Color Palette

Don't trust anyone who only wears monochrome ensembles. They're most likely dead inside.

Image Source: Getty / Ray Tamarra

10. It's OK to Coordinate Your Shoes With Your Handbag

Though there is a difference between coordinating and having your shoes and handbag made from the same spool of fabric. The queen of England is the only exception to this rule.

Image Source: Getty / Ray Tamarra

11. Always Sit Like a Lady

Your mother will be proud. It's also the best way to showcase the ornate details of your accessories.

Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

12. It's Impossible to Be Unhappy When Wearing a Fancy Hat

Though the luxe Gryphon caplet, brocade Alice + Olivia skirt, and moody Miu Miu Mary Janes are exquisite on their own, the Ann-Marie Faulkner beret really seals the Parisian-chic deal.

Image Source: Getty / Aby Baker

13. Always Coordinate Your Athletic Equipment With Your Ensemble

Even if you aren't the most athletic, there is that saying, "looking the part is half the battle." Wait, is that a saying? If it's not, it should be.

Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

14. When the Time Comes, Try on Multiple Wedding Dresses

And have multiple weddings. Just kidding.

15. Never Ruin a Look With a Bulky Backpack

Carrying your books allows your outfit to take center stage. Bonus: it's a great arm workout.

Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

16. A Floral Silk Gown Is the Perfect Day-to-Night Piece

If your agenda included the following: brunch with mother, a trip to Bergdorf's, then off to the gala, then a blossoming ruffled gown is ideal. Bonus points if it's Ralph Lauren, like this one.

Image Source: Getty / Ray Tamarra

17. Tweed Is Timeless

This is vintage Giambattista Valli. Wait, 2010 is considered vintage now, right?

18. Animal Print Is Tolerable in Small Doses

As proven by these lovely Brian Atwood pumps.

Image Source: The CW

19. Forget What We Just Said About Animal Print

Let's all take a moment to admire this purrfect Gucci shift.

Image Source: FameFlynet

20. Love Is Always in Style

Looking like a princess is all about feeling like a princess — and wearing a decadent Elie Saab gown.

Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online

21. No One Can Resist a Lady in Red . . .

Or a lady with red accessories.

22. Tiaras Are Versatile

A fancy gala, a romantic dinner, watching Dorota fold laundry — we can't think of a single occasion where a tiara would be ill-suited.

Image Source: Getty / Aby Baker

23. A Pantsuit Can Be Flattering

If tailored to your specific measurements, it can be more powerful than a dress.

Image Source: The CW

24. The Power of a Good Headband Knows No Bounds

It is her signature, after all.

25. Black Tie Really Means Fully Sequined

You could really go for the gold by topping a glittering gown with an equally shimmering headband like Blair.

Image Source: The CW

26. When Executed Correctly, Fruit Prints Can Be Fashionable

This fresh Moschino ensemble is couture, not kitschy.

Image Source: FameFlynet

27. Riding Pants Should Be Worn When Actually Going Riding

No explanation needed.

Image Source: Bauer-Griffin Online

28. Play Up Spring Separates

Florals for spring. Groundbreaking, we know.

Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

29. Leather Driving Gloves Aren't Strictly Reserved For Automobiles

Fashion isn't always about function.

Image Source: INFphoto.com

30. If You Must Wear Uggs, They Must Be a Designer Collaboration

These jeweled Jimmy Choo x Uggs boots are OK in Blair's book.

Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

31. Classics Are Classics For a Reason

When you only have two minutes to change your ensemble, devise a plan to ruin your nemesis' job interview, and make it to The Empire Hotel, don't fret — just go back to the basics.

Image Source: FameFlynet

32. Be Mindful of Your Posture

You never know who is snapping a photo.

Image Source: Getty / James Devaney

33. It's Possible to Pair Black and Orange Without Looking Like a Pumpkin

Break up the holiday hues with neutral colors.

Image Source: FameFlynet

34. Pastels Are Seasonally Transferable

As proven by this gorgeous light blue Sretsis cape dress. Note: at first glance, the boots and bag look to be matching, but we assure you, upon further inspection, they definitely are not.

Image Source: Getty / Marcel Thomas

35. Emerald Is the New Black

The rich hue complements every skin tone.

Image Source: Getty / Aby Baker

36. Follow the Suggested Dress Code

It shows the host and other guests you are respectful.

Image Source: The CW

37. Never Match Your Dress, Shoes, and Eye Shadow

She's not perfect, OK! Forget we said that.

Image Source: The CW

Image Source: Getty

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