The Blonds Fall 08 Fashion Show One of the only breaks we took during fashion week, where we decided to just sit down and watch, was at The Blonds Fall 08 fashion show. Most of America will think of Betsey Johnson as the wild and crazy show to watch, but the true fashionistas know that lesser known, downtown labels like The Blonds really know how to pack the punch. The Fall 08 show, held at the Prince George Ballroom, revealed a collection inspired by the movie Legend (Naturally, we included the famous unicorn apology scene below). The theme safely queued up The Blonds penchant for flamboyant, embellished, glamorous costumery and gave this season an extra push towards unicorns, rainbow colored gemstones, and big hair (nothin' wrong with that). The more traditional garments in the collection could easily be worn to an elegant black tie occasion, and the most wild in the collection, at the best clubs in New York City. If your a Blond girl, you'll have a little bit of both thankyouverymuch.
Phillipe and David Blond launched the label just four years ago. Each piece in their collection is handmade and one of a kind. As wild as some of their pieces are, we aren't surprised that the collection gets snatched up quickly. The thing about people who like to wear outrageous garments with extra special details is that they aren't exactly the type to, well, share. Funnily enough, Phillipe Blond started his design career working for Los Angeles based label DDC Lab, known for a utility-based aesthetic that doesn't exactly involve bedazzled corsets (though he was an illustrator, so perhaps that was the, ahem, draw) or club-ready clothing. David Blonde was a windows man for ten years in New York City. Now, the two are wholeheartedly The Blonds and bring that persona from Fashion Week, to the drafting table, to the dance floor, and back.

The Blonds Fall 08 Fashion Show
Coutorture original editorial, backstage at The Blonds Fall 08 show

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