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Blot Your Shine Away

Sometimes I end up carrying such a small clutch that I can't even fit a powder compact in my evening bag. It is on those occasions that I'm most thankful for blotting papers. These tiny, single-use sheets are great for battling shiny skin; they soak up oil and, in some cases, are even coated with a thin layer of powder that you can use in lieu of a compact. Here are some of my favorite blotting products.

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens, $10 for 100 sheets, available here. Pressing these finely woven linen leaves to your face lets you fight shine without disturbing your makeup.

Lehcaresor Papier Poudre, $3 for 65 sheets, available here.
These powder-coated British imports were developed in the early 20th century, before powder compacts were commonplace.

One more, so

The Body Shop Brilliance Powder Tissues, $10.50 for 33 tissues, available here.
This version acts as a powder and bronzer in one, giving you a healthy glow on the go.

Neural Neural 11 years
Yeah, I've only ever used the Clean & Clear ones but am open to trying other versions...
LaylaCams LaylaCams 11 years
Gotta love the blotting papers. :) The clean and clear ones do work good
JennaV JennaV 11 years
Proactive makes some good ones, too.
la_clique la_clique 11 years
Yep, the bodyshop ones are great, you can get a pack of em.
Lakey Lakey 11 years
I use the camomile ones from The Body Shop. They rock the house!
medicgirl medicgirl 11 years
Thanks for the tip, Im definately gonna get me some of those!
t0xxic t0xxic 11 years
Cool, I used those in highschool....
addy addy 11 years
thank you so much! i have been looking for these in drug stores and havent been able to find anything! i am online ordering them as we speak...
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
I use the ones by Clean & Clear - they're great!
snixy30 snixy30 11 years
I love these things but i always forget to buy them lol
Kaciegrrl Kaciegrrl 11 years
Also, try these from EyesLipsFace - only $1!
Adriana42 Adriana42 11 years
love it..but it's a bit pricey..i'd probably buy it once and thats it..i'd rather use powder..
tabloidprincess tabloidprincess 11 years
Thats good to have for summer :)
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