Beauty companies push the benefits of active ingredients in their latest products. Some ingredients actually deliver, but what if the ingredients deliver something more than just good skin? That is the goal of The Body Shop's Community Trade program. Established during the 1980's (to their credit, long before these initiatives where commonplace), Community Trade purchases ingredients and supplies from over 200 families in 25 countries at a fair price.

Community Trade's latest partner, Women In Business Development Inc, is based in the South Pacific. These hard working women will supply The Body Shop with cold pressed organic coconut oil, the key ingredient in the Coconut Bath & Body line of products. If you're not a fan of smelling like you just got back from Spring Break, The Body Shop ensures 60% of their products contain ingredients supplied by Community Trade. Coconut oil or no, you can use these products with a clear conscience.

Among them, our favorites are the Tea Tree Oil Face Mask, a pore cleansing mask featuring tea tree oil supplied by the The Bundjalung aboriginal tribe, Brazil Nut Define & No-Frizz, a frizz banishing product for dry or curly hair utilizing Brazil nut oil gathered from Peru, and Neroli Jasmine Shower Gel, a shower gel that creates an air of mystery stemming from the camomile oil supplied by Norfolk Essential Oils, based in Norfolk, England.

With all the posh products and companies out there, sometimes it's just as well to go with the suppliers who have been with you since the seventh grade. Whether you're loitering at the airport before a flight, ambling down Broadway on a random afternoon, or hitting up the mall with your grandma, The Body Shop is that old favorite pit stop that doesn't compromise your aesthetic or ethical standards.