It is comforting to us that there are still designers who view "merchandising" as a positive, do their own textile sourcing, and have the business acumen to form their company around local production. Bradley Scott is an just such a designer whose background as a Parson's graduate, experience working for an international fabric agency, and genuine love of the New York fashion district way of life make him a serious presence in the contemporary designer market.

Certain young designers seem to prefer designing intimidating insular "fashion" clothing and hard partying over the serving their customers and while they may get all the cool credits for their lifestyle it is in the end designers like Scott that are likely to weather the storms of the fashion market.

Scott aims to make his collection a one stop shopping experience. He is proud to merchandise jackets, tops and bottoms together. In essence, he has done the homework for consumers, making his collection one that is easy to shop. Not only does that make good economic sense but it is a sure fire way to gain customer loyalty. Of course Scott, sensible businessman that he is knows he needs a bit of whiz bang to get attention. It is in his attention to detailing and fabric that allows his collection to balance both the need for a basic whole wardrobe and the desire for something unique. Adding to his business sense? The garments are produced in New York City and each piece has its own dedicated sample maker so that production remains uniform. That is sure to appeal to eco-conscious consumers, fair traders and save the garment district folk a-like.