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This Instagram Account Has Just Been Deemed Most Stylish

May 30 2014 - 12:59pm

If you've ever argued that there's an art to Instagram, the CFDA has your back. When they announced [1] this year's addition of an Instammer of the Year Award, the Council of Fashion
Designers of America officially elevated not only the eight nominated accounts, but snappers everywhere.

And as social media goes, the nominees, who were selected by a panel that included Rachel Zoe [2] and The Coveteur's Stephanie Max, were pared down to a winner by the public. Voting was open through May 30 on cfda.com [3], when @aguynamedpatrick [4] came out victorious. And while snapper Patrick Janelle won't receive a Trova onstage at the CFDA Awards, he will be invited to attend the ceremony on June 2 (as well as earn plenty of bragging rights).

If @aguynamedpatrick [5] and the seven other nominees' handles don't sound familiar yet, we assure you they soon will! Find out what all the fuss is about, and get educated on the contenders with our handy introduction to these talented Instagrammers.

Source: Instagram useraguynamedpatrick [6]

The Winner: @aguynamedpatrick

Instagrammer: Patrick Janelle, Director of Spring St. Social Society

Tagline: "Man about town"

Number of Followers: 117,897

Style in a Word: Discovery

Source: Instagram user aguynamedpatrick [7]

Finalist: @donalddrawbertson

Instagrammer: Donald Robertson, Head of Creative Development at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Tagline: "Google: VanityFair, NYPost, Vogue"

Number of Followers: 43,473

Style in a Word: Sketchy

Source: Insatgram user donalddrawbertson [8]

Finalist: @amy_stone

Instagrammer: Amy Stone, Digital and Social Media at Gap

Tagline: "Eternal aesthete"

Number of Followers: 60,674

Style in a Word: Pretty

Source: Instagram user amy_stone [9]

Finalist: @paridust

Instagrammer: Pari Ehsan, Blogger

Tagline: "Fashion-meets-art"

Number of Followers: 43,740

Style in a Word: Muse

Source: Instagram user paridust [10]

Finalist: @dapperlou

Instagrammer: Lougè, Founder of Dapper Lou

Tagline: "Creative Person, Brooklyn"

Number of Followers: 28,425

Style in a Word: Dapper (what can we say?)

Source: Instagram user dapperlou [11]

Finalist: @troprouge

Instagrammer: Christina Caradona, Model, Host, and Fashion Blogger

Tagline: "A PM . . . always a PM"

Number of Followers: 77,617

Style in a Word: NYC

Source: Instagram user troprouge [12]

Finalist: @bessnyc4

Instagrammer: Doug Abraham, Designer of Bess NYC

Tagline: n/a

Number of Followers: 22,564

Style in a Word: Collage

Source: Instagram user bessnyc4 [13]

Finalist: @hokaytokay

Instagrammer: Amanda Jasnowski, Photographer

Tagline: "Everybody is trying"

Number of Followers: 61,197

Style in a Word: Colorful

Source: Instagram user hokaytokay [14]

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