2010 Spring: Calvin Klein, CK Jeans, and CK Underwear

Clean. Precise. Minimal. Three terms Calvin Klein wants you to use when describing its Spring '10 collection. Staying true to the house's less-is-more aesthetic, Francisco Costa has delivered a line of basics with a sexy utilitarian nature. You'll find organic fabrics and most colors of the rainbow: sand, white, and khaki as staples, canary, melon, poppy, fuchsia, turquoise, and cobalt as accents. Drawstring cargos, denim vests, fitted blazers, parkas, denim judo pants, and shirt dresses are all solid. But one print piece stands out as the cool black sheep: a black-and-white, tie-dye dress that's feminine and bold.

Swimsuits are also part of the Spring family — a two-piece in warm gray and a one piece in solid gray or gray Bengal print. The handbags are equally minimal; hobos, totes, and rounded clutches are smooth and unstructured, with gold and silver hardware. Wooden-stacked heels and flat sandals are au naturel and sporty.

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WoW! Great collection :heart:
would it have killed them to have a few people of color model as well.
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