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Can You Incite Thinness? Or Is The Proposed French Law Pointless?

Coutorture's Community Reacts To France's New "Thin" Laws

Skinny Model Showing RipsOn Tuesday the French National Assembly voted to make it a crime to "incite" anorexia or extreme thinness on websites, magazines and in advertisements. Naturally fashion reacted with some nonchalance. We personally can't get that worked up either as legislating culture only seems to go badly. Nevertheless the idea has gotten the wider blogosphere talking including our own community. Pink Rock Candy feels a little conflicted about the entire controversy. In fact she thinks that most of us are pretty grossed out by images of super sickly skinny women. To an extent I understand people’s concerns of sickly looking public figures including, but not limited to, models and most of Young Hollywood, influencing the impressionable youth and their not so impressionable elders, but in all honesty how many times does one have to see some waif’s sternum for us to say, “ew, that’s gross,” and move on with our lives? The Runway Scoop is pretty pleased with being an American because we are allowed to do, say, and live in whatever manner we choose. But she wonders if the French might actually have a point with these laws even if its a slippery slope and debatable if fashion and beauty are even the culprit. But then, if there weren't all these skinny images floating around so much, maybe these young girls would be healthy...or would they find something else to be addicted to? Fassonaburu is also concerned with the government overreaching its authority. She wonders what will happen next though if this is allowed to go forward. Next thing you know you'll be fined for having too low of a BMI yourself and promoting thinness to the girls around you. Besides, the visual appearance of a person does not have as much to do with their health as you'd think.
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