Just when you thought it was goodbye "Sex and the City" forever, we hear the news of a movie in the works. Then, we learn about a new show, based in New York, around four women, who are also to be styled by SATC wardrobe guru Patricia Field, "Cashmere Mafia." I instantly thought: someone is trying to reinvent SATC, and I'm not so sure how I feel about that. I want to embrace the possibility but I am also a slave to SATC and believe it can never be duplicated. Emulated, yes. That is what I see here.

Now that both productions are in the works, we have the inside peek into the SATC wardrobe and the Cashmere Mafia costumes. Already, I see fabulousness - that would be the brilliance of Pat Field - but I also see similarities. It's obvious Lucy is supposed to be the quirky one (Carrie), which doesn't always fly, Bonnie Somerville is the powerful blonde (Samantha), and then you have the elegant brunette and token redhead. Am I being critical, or is "Cashmere Mafia" the new Fab foursome?