>> Cathy Horyn Really Isn't a Fan of Riccardo Tisci —It's no secret Cathy Horyn doesn't love Riccardo Tisci's work at Givenchy — last October of his Fall 2009 collection, she wrote: "I’m beginning to wonder if [Tisci] has any ideas at least that are original."  Of his couture collection in January, it was: "not so wild, frankly, about the lumps & bumps at Givenchy."  And over the weekend, she found his Spring 2010 men's collection "just plain tedious": "To me, the Givenchy collection . . . smacks of the work of a stylist, rather than the specific vision of a designer. The collection has a cadged look of picking things up from here and yonder, notably Comme des Garcons. This method just betrays insecurity — the insecurity of a designer who doesn’t have a meaningful, real vision."  But if you're a fan of his vision, The Cut has a video of Tisci going over his Spring 2009 couture collection. [On the Runway, On the Runway]