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Celebrity Style: Jessica Biel

You asked, we found! Jessica Biel was spotted showing off her toned body in this flirty argyle bikini and keeping in shape with her hot new man Derek Jeter - but wait! Isn't she rumored to be with Justin Timberlake? Either way, if this isn't a hint to get ready for summer, I don't know what is! This suit is already on sale so order now before it's too late.

To get this fab bikini,

Kushcush Duchess Bikini, on sale for $130.20 (originally $186).


Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 9 years
She has no taste.
xminou xminou 10 years
If everyone had a butt like hers, no one would feel the need to diet, in fear of losing such a thing. Dare say I'm jealous? heck yes.
grizzbabe grizzbabe 10 years
I see these pair of sunglasses on almost every photo of Jessica Biel. What are they? I love them!
kendalheart kendalheart 10 years
Her body is insane!! I dont think the suit looks that good on her though, well the bottoms anyway.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
This chic has a smokin body ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Be an innovator not an imitator...copying is plagiarism and plagiarism is stealing.
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
:rotfl: @ mamita's comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
My-Opinion My-Opinion 10 years
I think Jessica's body is perfect., why do so many people think she is 'too' buff!!?? :rotfl: I guess there are just mostly huge and out of shape people around......Her body is amazing and the suit is nice on both of them.
BrunoFromKA BrunoFromKA 10 years
OK...I love her bod. I think she looks great...but not in that suit. It would be cute if it didn't have a skirty bottom...but the argyle is soooooo cute, just not cute on her.
iheartfashion79 iheartfashion79 10 years
so cute!! OMG, love this swimsuit ...and Jessica is hot!
iheartfashion79 iheartfashion79 10 years
So cute!! OMG, I love the suit, it's so flirty and girly! And Jessica looks hot!
Mamita Mamita 10 years
Don't love the suit either, but damn, that girl would look hot even if she wore my grandmas swimsuit!
christinafry christinafry 10 years
skirt bottoms are so UGLY! skirts OVER bottoms = cute... but combined... not so cute.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 10 years
Pink/brown, argyle, feminine, flirty, adorable - my favorite things! Fabulous find!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
Cute suit, you know Derek loves watching her walk away!
la_clique la_clique 10 years
I don't like the suit much, but I would love to look like that in a bikini. But, not enough to work out as much as she does!
LaLaLola LaLaLola 10 years
It's cute though, but WOW I want her body, it's so perfect and toned, though I do agree the swimsuit looks a bit uncomfortable in the back
kscincotta kscincotta 10 years
I don't understand why athletic girls like Jessica Beil and Evangeline Lily feel the need to wear those stupid skirt bottoms. It just looks wrong to me.
Nan-Einhart Nan-Einhart 10 years
It is a fit bottom, though. She looks great. I would like to think I could ever be photographed from behind.
JessNess JessNess 10 years
yeah I dont really like skirt bottoms- its just draws the eye to the hips. It works on some girls but not all. Actually a lot of girls wear these and they have the wrong shape for it. I just want Jessica to pull her suit out of her ass....its uncomfortable
ccsugar ccsugar 10 years
Yeah, it's too girly for Jessica.
lilren lilren 10 years
Agreed!! It's not cute and doesn't look good on her.
SaraSmile SaraSmile 10 years
I hate that little skirty bottom, particularly on someone as buff as Jessica. She looks ridiculous (and ridiculously hot, as always).
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