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I've heard from a few of my friends who are "Desperate Housewives" fans that Marcia Cross' character, Bree, dresses much better on screen than off. I tend to agree, but at the Chrysalis Butterfly Ball, Marcia looks youthful and modern in her yellow silk dress. Although a bit of self tanner would have served her well, she still looks pretty and effortless. Normally, the color yellow drowns out women with pale skin, but Marcia's spicy hair revives the look with a dash of color!


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Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 9 years
sibalc sibalc 10 years
she looks so classy~~~ not everyone can rock that yellow
nerdyglam nerdyglam 10 years
I don't like that color on her....but she is so gorgeous she could wear anything and be beautiful. Oh and I love the pale skin on her.
xLilithx xLilithx 10 years
She really looks good in yellow
lady-T lady-T 10 years
she's gorgeous...:)
sas sas 10 years
i like her
mama-fabulous mama-fabulous 10 years
UM.....I think she looks great but wasn't KATE WALSH just wearing the same dress!?!?!??!?!
crispet1 crispet1 10 years
Her fair skin is practically her trademark.
poetess poetess 10 years
I think it is a good look. I think her makeup and not her skin is the problem.
blondy0806 blondy0806 10 years
WHOAAAA NELLY. BREATHE guys. Isn't Fab allowed to state her opinion? last time I checked she's got a very sexy constitutional right called free speech and by golly if she feels like Marcia Cross is too pale or too thin then she should feel free to say it. Furthermore, what are all these allegations about Fab's recommendation being dangerous or harmful? She recommended self-tanner, the totally safe alternative to ultra-violet radiation---unless I missed something. PS: she could definitely use a bottle of famous dave's!
Fashion Fashion 10 years
Gals, if you recall, I mentioned in the Celebrity Style: Debra Messing that I admire her for embracing her natural pale skin. So I am definitely not hating on pale skin. In fact, I normally dislike the too-tanned look and my latest motto is "pale is the new tan!" I just thought that Marcia could use a little bit of self tanner because a yellow dress tends to wash out pale skin. I wasn't implying that she needs it to be beautiful :) xo
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 10 years
She looks great.
heyheykatielady heyheykatielady 10 years
yeah fab, what's up with all the hating on pale skin recently? it's normal that people have different skin colors. why should she have to put a bunch of nasty smelling chemicals on her skin? i'm fair and have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with tanning. it's like one more dumb thing that i don't care about.
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 10 years
She looks amazing here. Yay for Bree and pale skin!!:)
Aminah-Akalea Aminah-Akalea 10 years
One of my favorite DHWs! Oh please, she's gorgeous the way she is..she DOESN'T need any tanning lotion, enough already with that crap!! I love her hair, the color of it and her skin tone and the dress and shoes..everything, it's simple but she looks great! :D..everyone doesnt need or have to have a tan,stop being like the many who think if they aren't bronze or orange or whatever color they turn into that they're not hott with their own natural skin colour, well unless you're deathly pale/goth pale do what you want but dont go overboard!
marije marije 10 years
She looks so sexy,be mommy suits her!I like colour of her hair:-)
jmmst49 jmmst49 10 years
She looks amazing. She definitely does not look her age. The overly tanned skin no matter what method it was obtained by does not look good. Tanning is skin damage.
misogi misogi 10 years
I love Marcia's fair skin...I'm tired of seeing orange people in Hollywood. YAY for Marcia! :)
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