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Celebrity Style: Serena Williams

Serena Williams has proven to be one of the most fashionable jocks. Although she is super buff she doesn't shy away from frilly dresses and bold prints. You have to admire that about her; here's a gal with some (tennis) balls! She recently announced her renewed partnership with Vicks and the launch of a Vicks national sweepstakes at the "Top of the Rock" Rooftop Garden yesterday in New York City. The winner of the Vick's Sweepstakes wins an all expense paid trip to Wimbledon - fun! I love how her dress complements her environment as well as her toned shoulders. Also, I'm a fan of two-tone so I'm digging her metallic gold flat sandals and contrasting silver bangles. Well done tennis queen!

To get Serena's Springy look,

Catherine Malandrino Graphic Print Dress, $475.

bebe Hammered/Faceted Metal Bangles, $40.

Lilly Pulitzer Jackie Sandal, $152.


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Bigbutt Bigbutt 8 years
The dress is bad on her. Her body is amazing, arms thighs and especially her butt!
Michaelrcks Michaelrcks 9 years
sugarpuff sugarpuff 10 years
Come on Serena...what were you thinking! You should know that you don't have a swan neck or slender shoulders to carry that dress off. You make so much money, you should consider getting yourself a stylist...all better still, let me give you one free style tip - next time wear a low neck top or dress that shows some of your cleavage, that way it would draw the eyes to your cleavage in turn making your neck appear longer. Next time I'm going to charge you!
Miss-World Miss-World 10 years
This is the one time when too much exercise really doesn't work in you favour! The clothes are beautiful...just not on her. Why doesn't she wear skinny Jeans and Long Crisps shirts or silky blouses? Much more flattering i would say
TwanaH TwanaH 10 years
She looks like Lola from Kinky Boots You take it as you want to
Mizz_D Mizz_D 10 years
I give her points for effort, but, this flowy/breezy frock does not suit her powerful physique at all.
Cure-Sugar Cure-Sugar 10 years
No doubt the woman has an incredibly toned body, but she really shouldn't wear anything halter style because of her wide shoulders. It just isn't.. ummm , flattering.
mamaRocks mamaRocks 10 years
sorry but the model looks sooooo much better in that dress. Serena, honey you still look like a man. :(
kendallina kendallina 10 years
My mom swears she's a man. It makes me laugh every time I hear my mom go on about her. Anyways, I don't think I've ever seen her wear anything non-tennis related that is flattering on her.
Lala77 Lala77 10 years
yep I also think she looks like a men , don't really like the girl or should I say boy ? :)) no now I'm just being mean, but I do think she's a good tennis player
cubiclequeen cubiclequeen 10 years
The dress is super cute but that halter dress does her no favors. WNTW fans will know that Clinton and Stacy say no halters for us gals with broad shoulders. I am sure she's got a onerous task to balance out her strong shoulders and arms with frilly feminine dresses. Wider straps would help her out for sure.
CestLaVie CestLaVie 10 years
I think that the straps are too thin and with her build she would need ones that are a bit wider, maybe it's the neckline in general- also the flats aren't working here. I think she is trying but either needs to try a little harder (maybe with some help!) or go with a casual look, seems she is more comfortable that way anyway.
nyarce nyarce 10 years
something is wrong with the way it fits her ... it just doesn't look as feminine as it should. *nance*
andaman andaman 10 years
The more I look at her the more I think she looks like a man.
andaman andaman 10 years
She looks like a drag queen. The girl should wear jens and a cute tank top. She should play around with skinny jeans and a dressy shirt also. I don't think she knows how to dress at all.
cosmogirl cosmogirl 10 years
EWWWWW!! I hate this outfit...and I dont really like her either!
Luxury-Diva Luxury-Diva 10 years
I Love Serena but Not in that dress! It does not compliment her body-type at all. She looks more feminine but she needs to stand up straight!
GirlInPink GirlInPink 10 years
I was about to comment on how Sun wore this dress on the episode of Lost tonight but it looks like I've been beaten to it. What a coincidence though!
JKe895 JKe895 10 years
After all the things that she's been through I'm glad to see that she's coming out and about again. The dress is lovely! She's very talented and I would enjoy seeing her get back up to the top 10 again here soon!
leigha926 leigha926 10 years
cute, but she still looks like a man...
wackdoodle wackdoodle 10 years
That's actually a flattering haircut for her. Best one ever I'd say. And she's looking much more feminine yet still athletic. The dress flatters her figure, gives her a waist and some curves.
QueenMargot QueenMargot 10 years
The dress is nice but she isn't...
mallomar mallomar 10 years
Oh my gosh I am watching Lost right now and Sun is wearing this dress in a flashback. I was just thinking to myself I wish I knew where that dress was from because its so cute and voila here it is! Amazing!
nati nati 10 years
LOL... the dress is cute
bsella bsella 10 years
But still, girlfriend looks like a boyfriend.
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