>> Over the weekend, Christian Lacroix told the Telegraph UK that he would be having a Fall 2009 Couture show — "and it won't be a funeral: it'll be a fightback."  Now, we have more details.

A spokeswoman for the designer confirmed today that Lacroix is having a "very small and simple presentation" on July 7, with 20 outfits on live models.  In his interview with the Telegraph UK, Lacroix stated that it "can't cost us a single euro to put this show on," which means that any model (as well as any other staff) working at the upcoming show will have volunteered her time without pay.

But the models won't be "too thin" »

Speaking of Lacroix and models, the designer also said he supported the letter British Vogue's Alexandra Shulman sent out to all major designers advocating for larger sample sizes:

She was right to do that. Very skinny women don't look beautiful in clothes. What I cannot stomach, because it evokes the war to me, is when you can see a woman's kneecap protruding in its entirety, skinny elbows, or a woman's chest bones. I won't tell you who they are because it would be hurtful, but there are certain models I cancelled jobs with because they were too thin. It's a terribly sad cloning of young women today which actually means that there is no room for anything to stand out – except bones.