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lydia-holmes lydia-holmes 9 years
If you want to be romantic with the man you love...depends on the occasion!
rubiesymusica rubiesymusica 10 years
no matter what if you show cleavage cover the rest up! but even with cleavage after a quarter of the way down it just becomes vulgar especially after a C cup.
nati nati 10 years
depends on the occasion.. :rotfl: the pic!
cocca cocca 10 years
maybe because i have nothing to flaunt :( but i like to stay classy... i don't know about cleavage being fashionable though. that really depends on the person if she's confortable then do it! but for it to be fashionable, i don't know.... it also depends on what age??? definately not fashionable of the young ones...
The-Italian-Jem The-Italian-Jem 10 years
Sophia is giving that look because Jane's nipple is completely showing!
SassAndBide SassAndBide 10 years
depends on the occasion + where ur going i mean sorry to make beyonce an example, but does anyone remember her dress ( or lack of) @ the golden globes last yr? or hell, even jlo @ that infamous grammy's with diddy? theres a fine line between appropriate cleavage, slutty, and sexy
sundrops sundrops 10 years
Depends on how you wear it. If you've got cleavage out and other parts hanging out all over, it's slutty. But if you've got cleavage and the rest looks stylish it's definitely fashionable!
nikkipez nikkipez 10 years
depends...christenings? graduations?..and IMO cleavage shouldnt look PAINFUL..hate that!!!
lola21 lola21 10 years
it really depends on the occusasion
angelelizabeth angelelizabeth 10 years
Sure, show it... but make sure it all fits in your shirt. No cutting straps, no popping buttons. And choose cleavage or a short skirt/shorts, not both.
missk29 missk29 10 years
no matter what occasion it all depends on how much one shows...
JustSomeChick JustSomeChick 10 years
Depends on the occasion, and how much cleavage is shown. That picture, for example, is WAY too much! It is, however, one of the funniest pics I have ever seen!
ThePerfectScore ThePerfectScore 10 years
Just don't show it at Church... ha... but seriously there are advantages to having cleavage and also being flat chested... it's all dependent upon how you carry yourself... There is a very fine line... so never go over board with sex appeal because in many cases it is more sexy to cover it up. Like a secret you won't tell...the air of mystery is alluring...
rgrl rgrl 10 years
Sexy yes, fashionable, no.
Fashionsugar Fashionsugar 10 years
it's more of a sexy look...but if you got it, flaunt it! Don't show TOO much though!
hollylikespretty hollylikespretty 10 years
I am glad to see that ladies understand the difference between sexy and sluty, classy and tacky. There is something to be said for leaving something to the imagination. Personally, after getting implants within the last year, I never worried before about how low shirts were, I wear tanktops underneath most things. Cleavage can be seductive, but it also be tasteless. Kudos, ladies, on your comments!
madhatter madhatter 10 years
If you can almost see nipples, you should be concerned. Pick a feature - tight pants, OR a mini skirt, OR a low shirt, OR a tight shirt. You should only be picking two off the list (hopefully not tight pants and a mini skirt...). Sophia's all classy in this picture with her subtle, sexy cleavage - that's the way to play it!
mommie mommie 10 years
Sophia is not challenged in the boob area so her neckline compared to Mansfield is definitely the difference between class and no class. One can still look great without showing off most of the girls.
butterflyforaday butterflyforaday 10 years
I am rather large up top and its not easy hiding them. I mean I really dont want to wear turtlenecks every day.
ceceluvfash1on ceceluvfash1on 10 years
I think it is....but flaunted correctly!Please ladies don't show us the whole package!Leave a little to the imagination.IMO when you show to much you end up looking trashy.
LuluForever LuluForever 10 years
Jayne's cleavage is a no-no. Sophia's is fine, though. I wonder what Jayne thought of this photograph after she saw it...
kristya kristya 10 years
Well that's way too much! Now Sophia's is fine.
davie-k davie-k 10 years
Cleavage is overdone in my opinion. Too much is just tacky. Eg: Liz Hurley at the Valentino show, do we really have to see so much of her "no-doubt" expensive chest? Surely, the point is to tease, not to show everything put the nipple, which apparently is pornographic. So in theory I'd agree with ivette72. So long as it's not overdone, cleavage is fashionable!
ivette72 ivette72 10 years
Cleavage is good when is done in a classy and fashionable way.
Callis-mama Callis-mama 10 years
Cleavage is good but only in the right occasion. Also, that pic of Loren and Mansfield is probably one of my all time favorite candid photos. Just priceless! That was a perfect time for cleavage.
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