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Coco Chanel Did Drugs, Was Bisexual, Had Affair with Dali

Upcoming Biography Claims Coco Chanel Did Drugs, Was Bisexual

>> Many a biography and biopic have come out delving into bits and pieces of Coco Chanel's life, but an upcoming biography is said to have unearthed some new details. With the release of Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life, out Nov. 10, biographer Lisa Chaney claims to have concrete evidence that Chanel used drugs, embraced bisexuality, and had an affair with Salvador Dali while he was married. Chaney, through an email from her publicist, also says she accessed documents in the Swiss Federal Archives that prove Chanel’s German lover Hans Gunther von Dincklage spied for the Nazis throughout World War II. “Whether Chanel was aware of this is unknown, but after that war she lived in neutral Switzerland for a while, to avoid any proceedings against her,” the email noted. [WWD]

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