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Colored Acid Wash Jeans and Tee-Shirts from Corpus and American Apparel

Immaterial: Acid Trip

American Apparel Acid WashAmerican Apparel Acid WashAcid wash is back. That is right you heard it here first. Acid wash is making a comeback and we couldn't be more excited. We grant we aren't quite ready for an acid wash denim jacket with fringes and matching jeans, but like our community partner The Budget Fashionista, the pale end of the denim spectrum is beginning to look really appealing. And we can't stop the feeling. Corpus has some crazy colored acid wash jeans for fall which if you pair with American Apparel's Unisex Acid Wash Jersey Deep V-Neck Short just might make us plotz. But if you aren't quite as adventurous as the colored acid wash trend (that is right we are calling it a trend) there are still plenty of acid wash options that stay in light denim range from these Stella McCartney High Waisted Trouser Jeans to Ksubi Super Skinny Zip Jeans in Uzi Blue Vein. That's right we have got you covered from high waisted trousers to super skinny jeans. No excuses now huh?

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