Here comes the wait, you have plenty of time for that! You crazy kids just got engaged! It's time to let the planning begin. I'm convinced that some couples prolong their engagement just to keep throwing parties leading up to the biggest party of all: the wedding day. Hey, I have no problem with that; party on is my mantra.

The first party for the soon-to-be-wed couple is the engagement party. This is normally thrown by one of the parents of the bride and groom, or jointly by the couples' parents. This is an intimate affair that takes place in either the parent's home or a restaurant. The glowing couple has to look their best and PartySugar has already set the mood so use that as an outfit guide. I will start you off with these Prada Camoscio Charming Slingback, $475.

Let's go Fab Finding for the perfect engagement party outfit. There are so many great dresses out there right now, so I suggest pairing these nude sandals with a smart dress - there will be family involved here so nothing too sexy - a pretty handbag or clutch, and a terrific cover up. Be sure to come back and tell me your Fab Finds are up, or just tag your Fab Finds with engagement party.

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