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Come Fab Finding With Me: Movie Night

Now that the movie nominations are rolling out, I've been playing catch up at the movies. I've got another date this Saturday night to go see Juno. It's going to be pretty low-key, but I still need to look like my Fab self!

I'll start you off with this Juicy Couture Lantern Sleeve Fleece Parka ($278) because it's comfy and weather-proof. Come back and tell me when your Fab Finds are up and tag them movie night.

Now, you can build outfits by creating a list of clothing items. We have everything you need to build outfits with, and you can use your Fab Find bookmarks, too. This is an even better way to put together an entire outfit when you are completing your Fab-Finding missions.

To learn what a Fab Find is and how to make one, click here. For a more detailed explanation of bookmarks from geeksugar click here.

To see some of my favorite online stores,

Active Endeavors
Aloha Rag
Banana Republic
Big Drop
Neiman Marcus
Refinery29 Shops
Revolve Clothing
Saks Fifth Avenue
Urban Outfitters

Join The Conversation
nikkeeb nikkeeb 9 years
I love this headband and flats with this jacket especially.
daddio49 daddio49 9 years
kitkatherine kitkatherine 9 years
oh... i'm embeding those wrong.....sorry... i'm still learning this... haha.
Abby2007 Abby2007 9 years
Abby2007 Abby2007 9 years
nicachica nicachica 9 years
maybe i've been on this site too long but didn't Fab do a Fab Finding post on this last year? jeez, i need to stop being so obsessed with this site, lol!
magita magita 9 years
wow maybe I'm in the minority because I'm drooling over the parka...I think it's super-cute and would love one. But I livewhere its 75 degrees out right now, and a half-sleeve parka makes more sense. I think if I lived up north I would think different.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
emalove emalove 9 years
You're welcome! And I did another look too...
Fashion Fashion 9 years
Thanks for helping out, emalove! :X xo.
wren1 wren1 9 years
emalove emalove 9 years
Wren, open up your list, click "make this a widget" and it will "build it" for you (after you highlight the name of your list). Then just copy the embed code it gives you and paste it here as a comment.
wren1 wren1 9 years
I have a list up, but I don't know how to post it as a comment.
bizzybee bizzybee 9 years
I agree with Marcella. I don't like the parka.
emalove emalove 9 years
dayzfan4life01 dayzfan4life01 9 years
SO adorable!! ♥
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
I went with a laid back, high-end version with shorts and tights with flats. I don't go to movies, so I have no idea what the heck to wear, ha!
lizzylu49 lizzylu49 9 years
Fab- Definitely go see Juno!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
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