It's about that time. It's about that time that people are in the midst of winter and needing refuge! The best winter escape: a tropical paradise. Also, isn't Spring Break right round the corner for you students out there? While a lot of us are bundled up right now, let's not forget what wonders a little R & R can do for the soul. I am a flip flop junkie in warm weather so I'll start you off with these Reef Krystal Glitter flip flops, $19.

Let's all go Fab Finding for some tropical vacay essentials. Here are a few things I always pack: a bathing suit (or 5!), sunscreen, sun dresses, a beach bag and my iPod. Feel free to throw in some of your own essentials. Be sure to come back and tell me your Fab Finds are up, or just tag your Fab Finds with tropical escape.

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