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Come Fab Finding With Me: Winter Weekend Escape

In the midst of all of the end-of-year madness, sometimes it's nice to take a breather. Let's face it: Holidays may mean you take off time from work, but they're no vacation.

To get some true you-time, you're taking a weekend escape to a friend's cabin up in Lake Tahoe. I'll start you off with this Floral Crochet Hat ($28) because it's a cute topper and will keep your head cozy. Come back and tell me when your Fab Finds are up and tag them Winter escape.

Now, you can build outfits by creating a list of clothing items. We have everything you need to build outfits with, and you can use your Fab Find bookmarks, too. This is an even better way to put together an entire outfit when you are completing your Fab-Finding missions.

To learn what a Fab Find is and how to make one, click here. For a more detailed explanation of bookmarks from geeksugar click here.

To see some of my favorite online stores,

Active Endeavors
Aloha Rag
Banana Republic
Big Drop
Neiman Marcus
Refinery29 Shops
Revolve Clothing
Saks Fifth Avenue
Urban Outfitters

Join The Conversation
CocoChic CocoChic 9 years
mellie_608 mellie_608 9 years
Here's mine... Hopefully I'm not too late!
alillee alillee 9 years
' />
Lizzard214 Lizzard214 9 years
Dollylo Dollylo 9 years
Aww!!! I have the exact same in purple!!!!!!! That's really cosy and I love to wear it! ;)
biochemlovely biochemlovely 9 years
Here we go - I love light blue, brown, and red together. :)
nikkeeb nikkeeb 9 years
Here's another, completely different from my last look:
zazoza zazoza 9 years
here is mine - I went for a casual, comfortable, colorful look. hope you like it
Jennyfer1 Jennyfer1 9 years
Jennyfer1 Jennyfer1 9 years
Here's an outfit you can wear while your sitting up in the lodge drinking Hot Totties! It should be warm enough for the walk up there and then when you get all cozy by the fire just take off the hat and scarf and Wa-La..PERFECTION :) I went with the Skinny Jeans/Pants but I was looking for White Leggings.... Use your imagination I guess!
CocoChic CocoChic 9 years
Wow.. We must have read each other's minds, Fab! Did you see today's ADC challenge?
emalove emalove 9 years
My second option...a little more "snow bunny-ish"...
mstinalin mstinalin 9 years
Simple and warm!
fashionhore fashionhore 9 years
I chose black skinny cords with flat black boots to keep the feet warm and dry. I also went with a thin grey tank to go under the grey sweater/turtle neck/tunic top. The MJ bag is an overnighter and the coat is too gorgeous. The hat and the gloves give the outfit color, and those earrings are simple, and you won't have to take them off because they go with everything! I noticed that I went with a deconstructed collar look this time!
syako syako 9 years
Wow my winter weekends are a lot different that you guys... My uniform (off the slopes) for winters in the rockies consists of black boots, skinny jeans tucked in, a thick warm turtleneck and my ski coat. It's not too stylish but keeps me warm. I decided to create this look in that spirit but make it have a little more style to it. The cashmere sweater and the winter white wrap add a little more depth than just the usual turtleneck. The patagonia boots are stylish and very practical - walking through feet of snow will not be a problem. The jeans have a higher rise = more warmth! The north face jacket can be worn on and off the slopes so you won't have to pack two coats. The roxy bag pulls together all the colors without being over-the-top for a weekend in the mountains (you don't want to be that girl).
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
nikkeeb nikkeeb 9 years
I picked a wider leg trouser, so I couldn't really work a boot with it...
ur_momm ur_momm 9 years
that hat is so cute, i have one similar with earphones built in.
emalove emalove 9 years
A cute (and warm!) outfit for a winter weekend escape...
Abby2007 Abby2007 9 years
emalove emalove 9 years
Don't worry, Syako, mine will NOT feature Uggs!
syako syako 9 years
i'm going to take a wild guess that every other list will have Uggs on it... please NO! :)
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