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Comfy & Cute Travel Clothes!

Comfy & Cute Travel Clothes!

I was just on a European adventure and one of the customs officers actually complimented my passport and how many stamps I have - yay! So I think it's safe to say I am an experienced traveler - maybe even a jetsetter? I know that some of you dress up when traveling, and some of you don't, but I try to find a happy medium. I must be comfortable, but you know me: I must be chic. I always feel that even though I don't travel First Class, I like to still dress the part.

When traveling to your romantic honeymoon destination, my fantasy is a trip to Tahiti with George Clooney, you'll want to look extra adorable for your new hubbie. Here are some comfy & cute travel clothes that will prove wearable on the rest of your can save your sexy lingerie for when you finally arrive at your destination!

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P.S. You will notice I included leggings in my picks. Now I'm not a fan of leggings but traveling is the one case where I think they are extremely functional & fashionable!

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