Mommyhood has done Angelina some good! Besides affecting her behavior, it has also worked wonders for her wardrobe. I do think she often dresses too old for her age, but it sure beats her old goth and defiant self. She's traded leather for cashmere, baggy pants for pencil skirts, masculine boots for feminine flats. But most importantly, she's traded trashy for refined. Is it because she has adapted her style as a multi-tasking mommy? Or has she simply grown up and gotten sophisticated with age? Let's compare 1999 and present day for clues...

Top: The old Angelina said no to bras and
yes to ill-fitting tops. Cringe! She should really give that hideous coat back to the cast of
Lord of the Rings.

Bottom: A leather mini skirt a la
Ashley Olsen is fashion-forward, but a long one is fashion-backward.

Accessories: Because she wasn't very feminine, she doesn't even have a purse or
any jewels. And her shoes are square-toe... enough said!

Top: Mommy Angelina is wearing a form fitting cashmere sweater in a classic bold color; she is polished and chic.

Bottom: A gray pencil skirt is the ultimate sign of sophistication and she wears it well. She flaunts her slim legs.

Accessories: The cream bag is mature and the nude flats are very mommy-appropriate. The aviator sunnies and diamond stud earrings round out the classy look perfectly.