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Compare & Contrast: Divo vs. Down-to-Earth Ben Affleck

Compare & Contrast: Divo vs. Down-to-Earth Ben Affleck

Have times changed for Ben Affleck or what? I just had to say something after I saw the photos of the current Bennifer strolling the farmers' market for Ben's 35th birthday. Just think about it: the happy and casual couple spent Ben's birthday shopping for groceries. During the Jennifer Lopez years (2002-2004), Ben would have celebrated by getting bottle service at Winstons in LA. Better yet, he would have rented the entire club out. Granted, Ben has always been Ben, but depending on the woman he's with, he has gone from complete divo to down-to-earth. Let's compare & contrast his double Bennifer looks...

Top: Divo Ben looks sharp as a knife in his ruched zip-up hoodie and form fitting blazer.

Bottom: Though he's wearing casual jeans, they have a vintage-wash that makes them extra stylish.

Accessories: He's wearing pretty-boy aviators and brown boots that are manly but still tidy. His hair looks like he spent hours and a whole bottle of gel on it.

Top: Daddy Ben is comfortable in a loose t-shirt; no fancy jacket required.

Bottom: His jeans have a more relaxed fit to them; very reflective of his current lifestyle.

Accessories: He's still sporting aviators but it looks completely different with a cap. He probably didn't feel like gelling his hair as that's too high maintenance, even for his birthday. His tennis shoes are sporty and more comfortable than heavy boots.

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gossipqueen gossipqueen 9 years
Bennifer 2 all the way...with Jello he always looked so forced!
anettex33 anettex33 9 years
I like the Down-to-earth Ben more than the Divo Ben. He looks so much comfortable with Jennifer Garner than JLO :D
zc zc 9 years
i like him now, he loks happy. in the first pic he looks like he hit the tanning salon.
SweetFirefly SweetFirefly 9 years
The laid back pic is gorgeous. What a beautiful little family.
bidds626 bidds626 9 years
i don't really care for either but if i had to pick i would prefer the down to earth ben over the fussy divo using that much gel..(or maybe jlo did his hair?)
maplesyrup maplesyrup 9 years
well, i like the lighter skinned Ben better rather than an orangey Ben. that's the only difference i see so far.
reese05 reese05 9 years
I think Ben is definitely better these days especially bcoz he has found the perfect partner for him!
any any 9 years
i never like him with jlo...
any any 9 years
i never like him with jlo...
Athena1 Athena1 9 years
I think his lifestyle choices are better now. He's just lost a lot of weight, and his life seems more stable now with Violet and Jennifer Garner. He also use to have a drinking problem.
justlookaround justlookaround 9 years
he is a hot in everywAy
justlookaround justlookaround 9 years
he is a hot in everywAy
kstraw23 kstraw23 9 years
i definitely prefer ben the dad to the old version
RobinFabulous RobinFabulous 9 years
He looks so much better now. I wonder what little Violet will say if she ever sees that music video ;-) Poor kid!
ALSW ALSW 9 years
I like Down to Earth Ben - definitely more a guy that I'd see myself with. And little Violet just adds to it!
urbngirl urbngirl 9 years
It's funny that you (Fab) should bring this up because I was just talking about this with a friend a few days ago. I am not a Ben fan... prefer Matt over Ben. I like his outfit more in Divo Ben but his hair is a little too slick for me. He doesn't look comfortable. I guess I want my guy to be able to balance both looks. As someone noted, you are not going to get dressed up to go to the market. Then again, every picture we have seen of him lately have him in tees, jeans, and cap.
City-Love City-Love 9 years
I just love Ben, either way but doesn't this make you think hes like Runaway Bride? He seems to adapt to his woman. I hope he knows who he is.
supergurl supergurl 9 years
DIVO Ben is way way way hotter. Did I say WAY? Yes. However, i'm glad both (jlo & Ben) have found better suited partners.
moon-rose moon-rose 9 years
Down to earth Ben i love his real life Jen what ever she wear she look cute
moon-rose moon-rose 9 years
Down to earth Ben i love his real life Jen what ever she wear she look cute
sugar_substitute sugar_substitute 9 years
Ummm... how does wearing trainers and a t-shirt make someone more "real"? I've met many a a**hole with a casual sense of style... and many lovely glamazons! People, its just clothes. Back to the question... its a toughie. Divo Ben looks HOT but so does cute-Dad-Ben. Later I think.... I'm broody just now :-)
la-vita-bella la-vita-bella 9 years
i like down to earth :) he looks so cute w/ his kid!
la-vita-bella la-vita-bella 9 years
i like down to earth :) he looks so cute w/ his kid!
anony1111 anony1111 9 years
i think ben fell for jlo hard and he did all sorts of things trying to live up to her standards. after awhile, i guess he realized that's not who he is. down to earth ben seems more real. he's not trying to be someone he's not.
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