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Counterfeit Goods on the Rise

Are You More Tempted to Buy Fake Goods in a Weaker Economy?

While some of fashion's greatest have been hit hard from troubling economic times, one sector has profited during the demise: counterfeits.

"If you're a luxury brand and you don't think you're being counterfeited, you're living in a cave," said Harley Lewin, intellectual property lawyer. "It's a constant fight."

With consumers not being able to afford the "real thing," the counterfeit market has gained monetary momentum in the past couple of years selling fake shoes, bags, and other goods online and in stores. Such illegitimate business — which mostly comes from China — cost retailers about $250 billion a year and 750,000 lost jobs. That said, brands are suffering while impostors are reaping the benefits of hard times. Are you tempted to buy fake goods during tough times?

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