When the Summer days become long and sweltering, we look to fashion to distract us from the mundane. We promise today's Must Read posts will spice up even the most mundane of days. It can be difficult to pull yourself out of a beauty routine, but Karina XOXO pulls away from her Vaseline addiction to discover something new. With 10% shea butter, she doesn't feel bad for switching to L'Occitane's lip balm. The stillness of late Summer has The Adventures of an Urban Socialite searching for distraction. Lemonstory, designed by Anna Kim, provides a classic fashionable distraction. Nessasary Makeup just couldn't help herself when she visited her local MAC counter to check out the latest launch. She ended up nearly the whole collection, but don't worry, she was generous enough to swatch them all for us. After a few seasons at Fashion Week and attempting to haul our laptops around the city without looking like slobs, no one understands the need for a chic laptop bag better than the Coutorture gals. Ask The Style Chefs comes to our rescue (and a reader's) recommending a bevy of stylish options. Fall's makeup is shaping up to be dark and mysterious, so it's no surprise that Shu Umera's Fall collection is entitled "Instinct". Now that your appetite has been whet, head over to Beauty Anonymous for full collection details and photos.