One of the greatest things about having such a large blog network is the wide and varied expertise of the bloggers. Our Network Partners put their knowledge to good use in today's Must Read posts. Jewel History uncovers the real Dutchess behind the eponymous movie. It seems the real historical figure had quite the penchant for jewelry. A delightful Summer day is certainly something to celebrate. Times of Glory gets photo happy while relaxing in a London park. The lines between business, business casual, and casual can sometimes be blurry. Molly Cake offers comparisons between her real life outfits and a brand's idea of business casual. Which do you prefer? We've always appreciated a good hair accessory. Apparently, so has The Budget Fashionista, as they compare high & low headband finds. Can you tell the difference? The Daily Obsession pushes us into fall, with pre-fall selections. If you haven't decided what direction you're going in for Fall, the time to decide is now.