Our Network Partners are well educated on the latest fashion and beauty trends. Fortunately, they're willing to pass along their knowledge to their readers. Expand your horizons in today's Must Read posts from: An informative book propelled Art Box Diary to create their own naturally dyed fabric. A couple of onion skins, a month's wait, and suddenly you have a naturally dyed piece of wearable art. Perhaps coincidence, perhaps external factors, The Fashionable Housewife points us to an article discussing the possibility that lipstick is contributing to the growing Britain's growing breast size. It's true that cup sizes are growing, but are lipstick chemicals truly to blame? The Jet Set Girls alert us to a startling new service offered by Norwegian Cruise Lines: on board botox. All personal feelings about injectables aside. the gals give us plenty of reasons why this service is completely ridiculous and dangerous. A long time Anthropologie brand devotee, Shopping's My Cardio isn't feeling the latest collection. Perhaps it's the advertising, perhaps it's the mismatched tights, but whatever it is, it's not sitting right. The Daily Obsession investigates the services offered at Edris Salon. In addition to styling at photoshoots and fashion professionals, the salon styles the Tracy Reese show every Fashion Week.