A fashion love can come from any item, no matter the price. Our Network Partners share their deepest fashion loves in today's Must Read posts from: Changing the fashion industry's ideals of beauty isn't an easy task, but Chic Alert documents the ways various companies have done their part in recent years. All it takes is one person taking a stand to affect someone else's perception. It never fails: you get on a plane looking amazing, and by the end of the flight your makeup has migrated from your face to your chest. The Skin Trade swears she has a foolproof method of staying fresh faced, and we believe her! An experiment using natural food to assist with discoloration and freckles didn't work out as planned for Viva Woman. Lemons are known to have all types of uncommon uses, but they just didn't work for her. Sometimes the most inexpensive item can bring the greatest joy. Fashion Binge tells us all about her obsession with a $25 pair of Payless moccasins. Fashion love doesn't care where an item comes from, just that it's wonderful. Pretty Legit sings the praises of TopShop's creatively inspired platform sandals. A dash of originality and the inspirational pieces seem much further away.