Our Network Partners cover a wide variety of designers, from the independent to the well known. Discover the latest evolution in your favorite brand or the latest line you've never heard of in today's Must Read posts from: GrooveEffect has a q&a with Plush.357, a graphic art inspired line from Atlanta. You receive insight into their inspirations, opinions on trends, and what's up next. Nicole Miller recently announced her latest venture - a line of daytime dresses, and Trash Bag Aesthetics couldn't be more excited. She appreciates how the designer is always thinking, always evolving, and always classy. Kingdom of Style's post isn't the first time we've heard the name LD Tuttle thrown around and it certainly won't be the last. Combining shoes with feathers is enough to make anyone scratch their head, and these ladies are no exception. MAC is a company well known for great color cosmetics and releasing many limited edition collections. Nessasary Makeup has the details on the latest release, called Overrich, featuring metallic pigments. Shop Diary turns a recent impulse purchase into a blog wide discussion. She's having a bit of buyer's remorse and can't decide what to do.