Grasp the last remaining bits of Summer style while you can. If you're still craving as much Summer as possible, you'll love today's Must Read posts from: The Fashion Bomb puts the designer spotlight on Boxing Kitten. The print combinations are sure to cheer up any day. Speaking of cheery, The Adventures of an Urban Socialite introduces us to decorative bracelets by Australian Frey Wille. They draw inspiration from ancient art periods to create unique and interesting pieces of jewelry. Even though The Coveted wishes it was Autumn, it's still August and we're still melting. If you're brave enough, you can display how you feel about the heat via your accessories. As long as we're still celebrating Summer, Trash Bag Aesthetics makes us fall in love with fruity tanks by Claw Money. What's not to love about a tank printed with Summer fruits? J'Adore Couture admits that Alexander Wang is tempting her with both accessories and a lower priced line this coming Spring. Cheap tees and shoes are enough to get any gal on board.