With so much of today's fashion becoming commercialized, it's nice to see our Network Partners going their own way. Gain unique perspectives in today's Must Read posts from: So Fash'On becomes entranced by Josephine jewelry. Her latest piece of jewelry needs a name, and she's looking to you for assistance. One of the main complaints against the fashion industry is the lack of reality in magazines, advertisements and runway shows. Bunny Shop points out that when magazines actually start using real people, things become confusing. Some women have a face that is able to hold vibrant blush. So Loverly reviews MAC's latest blush offering, Sheertone, for those women who need a more subtle approach to cheek color. Trash Bag Aesthetics takes business cards and website promotion to the next level with her latest piece of jewelry. If you want to know where to reach you, just look around her neck. Even though it's the end of Summer, a beauty regime never ends, it just takes different forms. Trust Your Style "bares all" and shares her current routine.