We'll just come right out and say it--it's been one long day and with the blustering, grey weather we'd much rather be reading than, well, writing. To that end, there's no better time for our last post of the day where we roundup links from our Network Partners. Fashion Binge posted on the Fred Flare store opening in Greenpoint and the goodies she covets from the store. Did someone say magic pyramid sweater? We're in. Any One Girl also got us inspired to wear fun cottonthings, today it was the Pegleg women's collection that did it for us. Trend de la Creme commented on the stylings of a certain Moscow Fashion Week show--let's just say we couldn't agree more. And, finally, giving us a dose of actual, tangible, you know, information, The Scented Salamander posted on the new perfume for men called Lyric by Amouage