Today as been a bit of an up and down ride for as as we got bad news from our accoutant, great news from some publicists, and then more bad news about the economy in general but we are able to keep a brave face thanks to our amazing community.

The Coveted writes about Junko Shimada's not quite ballet flats that are a new spin on a classic point shoe. We aren't quite sure we would be able to wear them but they sure are fascinating!

Trust Your Style gives an interesting spin on the basics with a post she titles "Love+Price+Longevitiy= Dress of Trends" That is the sort of equation we are interesting in solving!

Temptalia has a set of tutorials on achieving beautiful and wearable pink makeup looks. They are so good we think even we could manage the pink without making us look like we have a bad case of pink eye.

Platinum Blonde does Little Red Riding Hood. My what big accessories you have my dear!

Vie Couture turns us on to a new handbag designer Claudia Canova. The color blocking is extremely attractive.