We just want to hug Spork Fashion when she says she has a Fashion Week hangover after her time in Los Angeles as we feel like we are in a perpetual state of fashion week haze just about all the time. Make sure to check out her review of Crispin and Basilio

Senora Cartera reviews the Foley and Corinna Embossed Snake City Clutch. We find it quite handsome but then we are all over exotics pretty much all the time.

Chic and Untroubled reminds us that making a political statement with fashion isn't as important as actually engaging in civic behavior.

Thrift Eye goes through her archives to see if she does indeed have a way with mixing patterns. We are going with yes.

The Fashion Bomb went to the Levi's Holiday preview. Thank god someone went as we swore it was next week. We are so bad with events you know that?

Makeup and Beauty blog has 5 tips for storing your makeup but we are mostly fascinated with the creepy photo of a MAC lipstick in a tiny coffin. Is it a commentary on throwing away makeup that is past its sell by date maybe?