Resisting feel good fashion is difficult, but resisting free fashion is futile. Think you can? Try checking out the fashion picks in today's Must Read posts to prove us wrong. BussBuss turns us onto a lightweight blazer cut specifically for women. Who said garments inspired by menswear actually had to look like menswear? After finally understanding the true necessity of sunglasses, Thrift Eye shows off her growing collection. Keeping sun damage away from your eye area has never looked so good. A Few Goody Gum Drops is feeling generous and giving away a luscious purple fringed Botkier bag. Why buy what you can get for free? Whole Foods tantalizes the environmentally friendly and foodies within all of us, but Chic & Untroubled uncovers their latest collaboration with Tom's Shoes. Whole Foods is proving much savvier than we gave them credit for. Sending shock waves through perfumistas everywhere, Cuffington finally admits to not using fragrances until recently. Looking for help, she asks her readers to select her next fragrance purchase.