Wipe the slate clean on your lips in 2007 with these crystal clear lip glosses! These back-to-basics glosses will instantly increase the wattage of your bright smile. They add high shine and are low maintenance.

A little mascara, some brightening blush and one of these glosses will give you a glowing and fresh faced look. A clean look is a fabulous way to start off the year! Here are my top five picks for mess less, crystal clear lip glosses. Please let me know which is your favorite! Finding the right basic clear gloss is like trying on a glass slipper.

MAC Clear LipGlass, $13, is an industry fave. This oldie but goodie was the original high shine sticky lacquer whose fabulous formula and price point hasn't changed a bit over the years. It helps to soften and condition your lips and one small tube will last forever since all you need is a tiny drop for full coverage.

Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss, $16, may be MAC LipGlass's rival since it's also been around the block and has a similar super shiny effect. This easy to use gloss creates instant shine and lip enhancement. It also has a sweet and fresh smell to it.

Elizabeth Arden Crystal Clear Lip Gloss in Clear, $14. This high-impact gloss is lightweight, goes on smoothly and helps add just a little punch to bare lips. Its great spearmint flavor is fun and fresh.

For more clear lip glosses,

Lancome Lip Color Juicy Tubes Lip Gloss in Sugar Cane, $17.50, is an ultra shiny beautiful gloss that adds a sweet glow to your face. It has a comfortable texture - never sticky or gooey and it has a ton of built in lip conditioners to ensure it won't dry out your lips.

Urban Decay XXX Shine Cooling Lip Gloss in Ozone, $15. This yummy peppermint flavored gloss will make your lips tingle from its cool and fresh sensation; it will also freshen your breath.