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Crystal Renn Addresses Weight Loss Concerns, Recently Started Working Out After Seven-Year Hiatus

>> Crystal Renn's agent recently addressed rumors that she was losing weight after images came out portraying her much thinner. Now, Crystal herself has spoken out, saying that she was "shocked" when she saw the images and adding, "they look retouched to me." See a pre-retouch image here.

Renn, who is featured in the Fall 2010 Jean Paul Gaultier ads (left), which she calls "a highlight in my career," says that she wants people to "feel reassured that I am taking care of myself and am very happy. I am a size 10. My weight loss is due to body adjustment because of working out after a seven-year hiatus." As for what started the weight loss: "It started with stress. Then, to take care of the stress, I went hiking in Patagonia for three weeks. Since then, I have continued hiking and have established a regular yoga and meditation program." She told Glamour: "It took me seven years to be ready to go back to the gym because I exercised in such an extreme way during my eating disorder."

<nobrand>Karl Lagerfeld</nobrand> and Carine Roitfeld have encouraged her »

Renn also told Glamour that there was "absolutely not" a pressure for her to lose weight: "In fact, I recently [saw] Karl Lagerfeld, and he said, 'Did you lose weight since my show? Don’t you lose any weight!' And I remember thinking, 'I’ve actually gained an inch; must be the outfit! But no, don’t worry, I won’t.' And Carine [Roitfeld, the editor of Vogue Paris] also said to me, 'Don’t lose weight. You’re very beautiful just how you are.' That support means so much to me."

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