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Cure Wrinkles By Preventing Them: Tint Your Car Windows

Savvy Skin Shoutout: Dark Humour

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Given that a pound of Creme De La Mer is more than an ounce of gold it simply makes good cents to keep your skin in good condition from the start. Not that the two are correlated really, we are justing saying! Thus Savvy Skin lives up to her name with a curious tidbit about preventing wrinkles by tinting your car windows. Tinting Windows In ChinaTinting Windows In China We have always been curious about the culture of pimping out cars (we can't help it, one of our high school buddies is a NASCAR mechanic) so the fact that this tip combines the strange worlds of Fast and The Furious with being serious about your skin makes us smile. Though tinting evokes dictators, Town Cars, and drug king pins too so we aren't really sure we should go much farther with this one except to say if you drive a lot this might be a lot cheaper than spending a fortune on creams and treatments later on in life. Check out other Community Shoutouts here.
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