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Did Project Runway Thrill You Last Night?

I'll be honest, I was nervous about Project Runway's new home, Lifetime, and new location, Los Angeles. But after watching last night, I'm hooked again. The first challenge was to create a red-carpet gown — fitting seeing as how they're in Hollywood. Lindsay Lohan served as guest judge, along with constants Heidi Klum, Nina Garcia, and Michael Kors. As for the designers, as usual, some are exceptional, some are so not, and the rest are in between. So far, Ra'mon, Johnny, and Christopher have shown promise, the latter taking the crown last night. Did you tune in? What did you think?


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fashionista0914 fashionista0914 7 years
I love Christopher and Sharin' dresses! :) I didn't want the girl to go home though, she seemed totally out of this world, something the show needs to make it even more exciting!
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
baby sugar, I thought the same exact thing! I saw all but the last 15 minutes, which really got me mad! I had to go somewhere; and I haven't been ab;e to catch a rerun! what I did see didn't seem at all different from the previous seasons; I'm not at all worried that the setting will have much of an effect. as for the talent; it was kind of split for me; about half of them seemed very promising and the other half don't. I'm excited for the series though; I love this show so much and I've really missed it!
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 7 years
I love me some ProjRun, but this challenge didn't exactly excite me. An evening gown out of 200 bucks worth of budget? Past seasons would've shed blood for that kind of first challenge. Where is our Gristedes'? Our 'cannibalize your apartment furnishings for an outfit'? Weeeeeeak.
AdriNicTrax AdriNicTrax 7 years
I watched... but where is the talent? Hopefully they get more creative.
cocca cocca 7 years
i think i'm always going to love project runway. i just love creative people in general and watching them work is icing on the cake for me!
qtpie qtpie 7 years
lindsay lohan is completely useless as a judge
soapbox soapbox 7 years
^^same here I was slightly disappointed when they sent the girl with the pixie cut home. At first glance, she looked like the innovative and creative type. But I guess there's no excuse for a bounty quilted-picker-upper halter dress/tunic thing and shorts.
MzAquamarine MzAquamarine 7 years
I found the all star challenge to be a bit more exciting than the premiere!
Talldiva45 Talldiva45 7 years
Yup - really enjoyed the premiere of Proj. Runway and the All Star Challenge was great to watch - you always wonder what happens/how they evolve after the show ends.
babysugar babysugar 7 years
Loved it! I miss the NYC setting but I'm sure LA will have some perks. The girl that got sent home looked an awful lot like Samantha Ronson. Funny that LiLo was the guest judge for that episode!
akroque91 akroque91 7 years
I loved the show! And i loved the All Star Challenge before. It was great seeing how far people have come from the show. I loved the premiere episode though, and I loved the outfit that ad won.
Fashion Fashion 7 years
Yes! I'm so glad Daniel Vosovic won. I heart him! xo.
mommie mommie 7 years
Loved the dress that won. Did you catch the Alumni Callenge for the two hours before???
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