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Jen-Erate Jen-Erate 7 years
Do not all women have to shop for their bodytype? Women with small or large breast, long or short legs, etc all have to deal with this. The thing which I think defines this though is where those large breasts came from, if they are natural then I am sure the woman has developed her own style anyway. If they are fake then they are probably more of as a result of bad fashion in the first place.
shayela shayela 8 years
hahah the tag for this is and yeah even at sixteen finding clothes for my body can be a bitch :( but when i do find the right outfit it looks REALLY good.
Juicylemon Juicylemon 8 years
I'm 40DD and it can be a challenge to finding jacket that fits and a good bra that covers and sustain my breasts. Other than it's okay. I don't care for what's ''in''. If it doesn't look good on me then so be it. I won't exchange my girls for another ... I love them the way they are.
ladolcealana ladolcealana 8 years
Well, I went Swimwear shopping yesterday. Thank goodness for seperates. I had to buy size 2 bottoms and a size 10 top. I'm 17. It's absoloutely ridiculous. Big breasts definitely get in the way of fashion. I'm always very concious of how clothing fits me around my chest. It's particuarly a pain to go bra shopping: most brands don't cater to an E cup, let alone a 30 back size.
Glittersniffer Glittersniffer 8 years
I love the seamstress I go to. She's great. I get tops taken in so that they work with my waist...because it's smaller than my 36 D titties. Personally I won't go anywhere near a cowl neck. It just makes my well shaped and lovely perky girls look like they're saddlebaggy. No thanks!
nourhayaty nourhayaty 8 years
i look huge when i wear cardigans and anything made of wool!!any thing low cut=slut.anything tight=crushed basically no wool no low cut and always a bigger size
Charblit Charblit 8 years
Maybe I'm just sensitive from years of comparing myself to models and celebrities with tiny boobs, but to me this question is like asking a woman with big thighs, "Do your large thighs get in the way of fashion?" Umm, yeah they do! Thanks for asking!
domino2728 domino2728 8 years
I am a 34 A so there are no boobie problems here! Sometimes the tops I wear can be tight across the chest so I can't imagine a woman with large breast wearing the same top. They would have to go up a size and tailor the top to fit in the waist etc.. I will say that some of the men I know have talked about girls with large breasts saying they dress too provocatively and show too much cleavage. I have defended these girls more than once because why can't they wear the same sundress as me sometimes. Especially when it's really hot out. I am sure there are a lot of guys out there that think I look horrible with no boobs in the same dress!
biarose biarose 8 years
My breasts have started growing after years of being small.. and I don't like it!
EvieJ EvieJ 8 years
I agree with all of the above! My (to me, very lucky!) mom and sister-in-law can both go without a bra. If I did that I'd knock my eyes out. I'm a 34E and it's almost impossible to find fashionable tops that don't gap and/or make me look slutty. To wear anything with a slight v-neck I have to wear a layer underneath. If I wear a crew-neck, I look fat. If I wear a turtleneck, I look like my boobs start at my chin. I love wrap-shirts. I discovered them about 3 years ago and now have probably 10 in my closet. I wear those and layered v-necks. I really don't understand women having such huge implants put in!
Flack Flack 8 years
Yes and no. As a 36F, I certainly face my share of challenges regarding fit, but I've learned to be creative with some things and accept that some others will just not work. However, fashions that may look ridiculous on less well-endowed body types, particularly those with a heavy retro influence, look fantastic on my frame. Still, a large-chested lady's best friend is a good tailor. I am lucky in some ways - I'm a 5'11", broad shouldered, hourglass silhouette, so I've never looked particularly disproportionate. My problems come more with proper fit than propriety, and once I learned that buying large and spending a bit more at the tailor's would do far more for my tiny waist than trying to stretch a smaller size over the bust and hips I was far, far happier camper. Yes, it sucks that some of the pretty things that look good on the (approximately) one billion asian girls on my school campus will never, ever lie pretty on my frame, and I would love one single button down shirt that I didn't have to perform minor surgery to keep from gaping. But I'd still rather channel Joan Holloway.
gigilgirl gigilgirl 8 years
Big breasts look unproportional to what one is wearing. Especially tight clothes. They look weird. @_@
lhunt001 lhunt001 8 years
I used to think "yes" until I was professionally fitted and found out I was wearing the wrong size! Wearing the right sized bra actually minimizes the girls without crushing them, improves my posture, and makes people think I lost weight! So listed to Oprah, and go get fitted by some professionals at Nordstroms! Don't go anywhere else, I was fitted at Victoria's Secret initially who told me to buy the incorrect size.
ckeller825 ckeller825 8 years
This is the reason why I'm glad I never went through the breast augmentation I was dying for since I was 18. I learned to appreciate the girls because I can wear pretty much anything.
a-million-suns a-million-suns 8 years
Sometimes, yes. I am petite and have curves both on top and bottom, so it can be a challenge sometimes, even though my body is proportional. Problems with the ladies arise when a top or a dress is low-cut. Like superninja said, they often require camis underneath, which can get annoying.
superninja superninja 8 years
Hourglass shapes look great if you have an ample chest, but almost all clothing now is fit for small breasts. I won't even bother buying something if it requires me to wear a cami to cover the cleavage - I hate that look!
Rouge14 Rouge14 8 years
Yes, unfortunately...everything is tailored in such a way that big breasts don't even fit in them most of the time (I actually just had to re-sew all the buttons of my new winter coat because they kept breaking off off the coat because of how tight it had been sewed on it )well, not everything, but most clothes are, and if you want something tight you're not going to look like a sausage in, you've got to turn to specialized brands and for that you have to let go of some big bucks :/ Also I find it really hard to find any bras in normal lingerie stores that go further than a B in cups, I didn't have that problem back in the UK with stores such as La Senza which offer most of their designs in cups from A to E but in France they make it really expensive to be big breasted, or they only offer granny style designs grrr...
Asche Asche 8 years
I've never understood the facination with implants for this very reason. I think that a smaller chest is more versatile in terms of fashion. I'm a perky b-cup and sometimes even I feel like my chest looks weird in certain garments!
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