For the first time in this season of Project Runway, I completely disagree with the judges' decision. Sorry, Nina! The challenge was to create a day-to-night look for Brooke Shields's character on Lipstick Jungle — really cool. Sophisticated, bohemian, and sharp was what I envisioned. Seeing the team dynamics is always entertaining, but the results were polarizing. After the models walked, I knew who the bottom and top looks were. Spoiler on its way . . . I did not expect Kelli to get sent home for an overly-sexy look while Blayne stayed for his tousled styling and gray Bermuda shorts; after Heidi said it looked like someone who had gotten dressed in the dark without a mirror, I thought the decision was made. So yeah, I totally thought Blayne should have gotten the ax. Maybe I'm alone here, you tell me?