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Do You Like the Heavy Celeb Presence on Project Runway?

It was to be expected that when Project Runway moved to Los Angeles, the show would feature more celebrities. Heidi Klum once said that Hollywood has had a major influence on the world of fashion. We're three episodes in, and there have been three celebrity guest judges: Lindsay Lohan served as guest judge on the first episode, Rebecca Romijn was the subject of the episode two's maternity challenge, and last night, Rachel Bilson gave her two cents on the surf-wear challenge. PR has had celebrity guest judges in the past, but now it's become a regular component of the show. So I want to know, do you like the heavy celeb presence on PR?

Get Rachel Bilson's PR look from last night!


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kitkatherine kitkatherine 7 years
i like it. though lindsay lohan being on there made me chuckle. i think people like rebecca romijin and rachel bilson make sense, but lindsay is just so...wrong
BintFozi BintFozi 7 years
I think Rebecca Romjin and Rachel Bilson are great choices; Lindsay Lohan, not so much. Diane Kruger would make the ULTIMATE guest judge, for sure.
KrisB KrisB 7 years
Yea, this season is kinda blah. The celebrity judges haven't been bad but the designers just don't seem to be blowing me away. Bravo is doing reruns of old seasons and they are just fantastic. I doubt I would bother watching reruns of this go round.
SDTransplant SDTransplant 7 years
Eh, I could do without the celebrities. I know some of them have their own fashion lines, but we all know how much designing they actually do on their own lines. And I agree that the vibe of the show is totally different in LA than in NYC...bring the show back to NYC and Parsons!
iheartstyle iheartstyle 7 years
i havent seen it but would like to see the Rachel Bilson episode
db849 db849 7 years
I voted that I didn't mind it, but I hope they don't do it every week. I like having just the 3 original judges.
cupcakers cupcakers 7 years
It totally does seem different since it's on Lifetime and in LA, so I actually look more forward to celebs on the show since the show just doesn't feel the same. But overall I don't mind celebs on it but I think they should be ones that are worthy of being on the show, who know fashion (Rachel Bilson) or are part of the challenge (outfit for pregnant Rebecca Romijn)...I don't think messes like Lindsey need to be on it.
lizzylu49 lizzylu49 7 years
I'm just not loving this season in general. I don't think it has anything to do with the presence of celebs, it just seems different in LA and on Lifetime.
thedesignerchik thedesignerchik 7 years
I love it, it spices things up a bit and the designers enjoy meeting celebs and might even make a connection.
Faylinn Faylinn 7 years
I don't mind celebrities if they know something about fashion and the industry, that is they actively take part in it. If they are chosen just for their celebrity, like Lindsay, then I get annoyed. Then it's just done for a ratings boost.
secondstar secondstar 7 years
I don't mind it as long as they pick quality celebrities. Rebecca Romijn and Rachel Bilson were fine, but I'm still questioning their judgment on Lindsay. These days she's better known for her crazy antics than being a fashion authority.
Shadowcat14 Shadowcat14 7 years
I don't mind it-assuming they don't replace Michael Kors with an influx of random celebrities.
marcied23 marcied23 7 years
it doesn't matter, i'd watch either way because the fun of the show is in watching the designers create.
Lorelei-LeFae Lorelei-LeFae 7 years
I have no problem with it. I'd watch without the celebs, but the guest do ad a bit of fun.
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