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veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
never could afford real...don't think it's too great anyways
matt_is_fun matt_is_fun 9 years
My girlfriend (and I) love fur. She wears leather boots, has many leather handbags, several pairs of Uggs, and of course some fur jackets, coats, and strollers. There's just something about fur that's so hot. People who don't wear fur and attack others for doing so have no idea what it's like. The feel, the smell, the is engrossing, not gross. We don't mind a few rodents being put down to be able to wear fur or have leather products. After all, we are here for fashion, not animal rights.
freegracefrom freegracefrom 9 years
Never never never. Fur turns me off so much that I can't even stand to wear faux fur.
GibsonGIrl GibsonGIrl 9 years
Oh gosh, i'm so politically incorrect. I love fur and leather. I love the feel of it, the smell of it, the look of it. All of my fur is vintage, and i don't know if i could bring myself to buy a new fur coat, but why not use what's already there? I'd rather use a biodegradable material than wear vinyl or pvc that doesn't decompose anyway. In in the future those faux leather shoes could be chewed on and swallowed by other animals causing the deaths of many creatures. Then we have all the emissions and bi products that are given off by the production of plastics. HELLO PETROLIUM PRODUCTS. Gross. I don't like how animals are treated in the food and product industry. I do think their treatment should be more humane, but the problem lies in many more places than just fur coat industry. All of the industries that deal with animals are at fault. I also believe that the consumption of animals is just fine. Over population of animals does happen. Why not turn them into food and pretty and useful things rather than just shoot them and throw them in a pile to decompose? I don't think endangered species should be killed (i don't even like the exotic fur look). I think things like fur handbags and such are just over the top and wasteful. I'd much rather use that to make a hat or something that can actually be put to use. But all you ladies who love your uggs, shearling anything, leather furniture,boar bristle hairbrushes, and all that, where do you think that comes from. I think it's ridiculous that the activists are so harsh on fur coats but don't give a second look to leather and other animal products. For instance, I have a suede jacket with removable faux fur trim on the collar. When i wear it by itself i get no comments, but when i wore it with the collar, i've gotten several comments about how i shouldn't wear fur, how i must hate animals, etc. (the trim is definitely synthetic btw, I can tell the difference). I love animals. I have two dogs, i used to have a bunny, and have the highest respect for all creatures of the planet. I also love fur and leather. When i buy a vintage coat or a new leather bag i know that that item will last me for a lifetime. I take good care of my things, and leather just wears much better than the synthetic alternatives. I'd rather have a beautiful leather handbag that I'll keep forever and I know will decompose in 100 years from now than buy vinyl and pvc products that animals will be choking on 100 years from now.
joey-beans joey-beans 9 years
agreed caterpillargirl !!!
ameliaj ameliaj 9 years
I have always thought fur wearing to be in poor taste. I don't own any leather as well, faux leather can look just as good. I will keep my personal opinions on how I feel about the actual people who wear fur to myself but to be honest I don't understand how anybody can see it as anything other then cruel.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
I have some vintage coats with fur collars that i love. I also wear leather, eat meat and occasionally run over a possum without looking back. I understand the need to not kill more animals for fur nowadays, you can make nice faux coats, or trim. I don't however get the cruel activism that PETA thinks is necessary.
Catipa Catipa 9 years
Never-It is truly horrible.
Dollylo Dollylo 9 years
No way!!!!!!
ricarocks ricarocks 9 years
that photo makes we want to puke! bottom line: even if it's faux, it's still uber-tacky!
ShinyAndrea ShinyAndrea 9 years
I don't wear fur, but I have to say the only time I've been tempted is when my grandmother left me a very chic fur wrap that really reminds me of her fabulous style. I guess it would be recycled which someone mentions is more PC, I just know I couldn't do it. But I also can't part with it, so it's in a closet at my parents' house. :)
killitded83 killitded83 9 years
No fur. animals should not die for my clothes. faux occasionally but it ususally dusnt look very good.
emilyblondie emilyblondie 9 years
I think fur looks gross. I personally wouldn't wear it. I do own a few leather goods though, but I don't wear them often. I just feel kind of icky whenever I put them on (a pair of boots and a purse). Both items were gifts. I am also attempting to go veggie. So far, I have cut out red meat.
meltdown_ice meltdown_ice 9 years
i like fur but would wear faux ones!
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Hate fur!
joey-beans joey-beans 9 years
All leather is not a by-product, animals are tortured for leather just the same way as are animals for food and fur. SAYING THAT LEATHER IS ACCEPTABLE AND FUR IS NOT IS THE MOST IDIOTIC, HYPOCRITICAL THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. The only reason I can see for this rationalization is that leather isn't as much of a viseral reminder that this was once an animal whereas fur is. Think about that the next time you oodle a calf-skin leather chanel bag... the baby soft leather for most designer handbags is exactly that THE SKIN OFF A BABY CALF (popular also is unborn calf fur). Some people are so ignorant it disgusts me. If you don't agree with it fine, but educate yourself and get off your damn self-righteous high horse. I was wearing a fake fur hat from H&M (and no its not dog fur its 100% polyester) and I have never heard so many rude remarks in my life, what gives you the right to verbally attack a stranger for wearing fur, which I wasn't even doing in this case. Why don't we go run behind gas-guzzling SUV's and throw paint on them ? Why is this acceptable ? I'm sick of this group-think mentality and band-wagon jumping. Go home and remove any animal product from your wardrobe before you open your mouth or shut up. And this 'by-product' crap is the biggest excuse ever, go check out the peta videos on how livestock is treated.
blair20 blair20 9 years
i PROUDLY do not wear any fur, nor would i ever wear leather. touching either one of them is absolutely disgusting to me. i've been a vegetarian for 5 years now. the way i see it is, i know i'm pretty enough to not have to steal something else's beauty ;).
chatnoir chatnoir 9 years
Oh.. no I could never wear fur. BTW animals for 'fur' aren't the only ones who are tortured. :( I applaud anyone who takes any step toward vegetarianism in any form. To me it's not 'all or nothing'. It's a journey and anything we can do is progress. That's why I'm not behind Peta. They turn people off to their cause. If you can, get a copy of SKINNY BITCH. (amazon has it used for 3.99 or so). So many things start to make sense!
thisbulimicwar thisbulimicwar 9 years
i figure i wont wear fur thats new and in stores now bc then id b supporting the killing of even more animals by buying current furs but il wear vintage fur bc that does not change the fur economy.
Sonnshine Sonnshine 9 years
Never ever!
designergirl designergirl 9 years
Fur is not really my style. However, I see nothing wrong with wearing rabbit fur or a fur from some animal that is eaten. I know that one day I'll get my grandother's furs and like the others, I don't know what to do with them. I wouldn't want to give them away, and like another commenter said, the animal is already dead. But I would be scared people would attack me on the street for it!
couture_cupcake couture_cupcake 9 years
Only faux and even then I dont really wear faux! I do want some gloves which are fur though, Im not sure what animal it is but its a pest in Autralia and they eat farmers crops and stuff, so wearing that fur would be wearing it after it had been killed by an angry farmer, which I figure is OK.
tiabia tiabia 9 years
My psychic vision is seeing floodgates...OPENING...:GULP:
gooselicious gooselicious 9 years
I love fur, love the feel and look of it. I have several coats that have fur trims. They really do keep me really warm. I own a couple of leather bags, shoes, and accessories. I eat meat. I respect those that choose not to wear fur, but I wish they would stop imposing their feelings/views on others.
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