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Do You Wear Pantyhose?


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MikeandFemininity MikeandFemininity 3 years
I do!
Antonio14916582 Antonio14916582 3 years
Yes I do. I wear pantyhose on a daily basis during the cooler and colder months of the year. Sometimes even during the summer. I much prefer pantyhose over any other type of undergarment or underwear.
lovetights lovetights 6 years
Hi Yes, I could not do without my black pantyhose or black opaque tights, they are an essential part of my wardrobe.
jamoke59 jamoke59 8 years
I wear pantyhose everyday,with my shorts or under pants,I love to see a lady in pantyhose as well.
mawoman mawoman 8 years
I think it's crazy that SO MANY women hate pantyhose. They're made better, if you spend the extra money for good hose. With all the colors and deniers, I think the hosiery market is better than it ever was. I'm 34 and have been wearing hose since I was 9. Even during the bare leg era I wore hose. I love wearing pantyhose. If you shop around and find a brand that you like, more women would go back to wearing hose in an instant. I bought a pair of Wolford Magic Touch hose on EBAY a few months ago and now that's about all I wear. I now own 10 pairs and they feel wonderful. And they DON'T RUN easily! The Wolford Magic Touch are so soft and luxurious! The other brand I love is the Berkshire Silky Control Top. Shop around girls! Pantyhose are not evil!
silky7 silky7 8 years
pantyhose spur me on. i love how they hug me.
JaimeLeggs JaimeLeggs 8 years
Always, Always, ALWAYS!!! Just look at my galleries. I'm wearing pantyhose in all of my photos. They get noticed and when I wear them with my shortest skirts and dresses, and a beautiful pair of really high-heeled dress sandals, nothing makes them drool more! I'll always take a pair of tan in sheer-to-waist and sandalfoot, thanks.
DeannaG DeannaG 9 years
For a while I followed the "bare is beautiful" dogma but went back to wearing hose. I'm on my feet a lot and like the support (Hanes Alive STW!). And my legs just look better in sheers. Not a fan of opaques or control tops.
jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
omg, I haven't worn pantyhoe in like forever!
darlene darlene 9 years
I don't wear them
sakuravalentine sakuravalentine 9 years
I prefer stay-ups.
beram1220 beram1220 9 years
what's the difference between tights and pantyhose? I always thought people said "tights" to make them sound more stylish but they're all the same to me!
mingomom mingomom 9 years
I try to get away with not wearing them as much as possible, but because of my profession I have to wear them at times. In the fall and winter I opt for tights whenever possible. Does anyone have some good recommendations for truly sheer hose? Everytime I try a brand that promises a sheer look I end up with "granny pantyhose." Tokyosugar- any idea on where the ones you describe can be ordered?
Taadie Taadie 9 years
Just tights in the winter.
heineken67 heineken67 9 years
I wear them when it's too summery for opaque tights and too cold for bare legs. I like the feel of them on my legs, and there are some brands that don't pinch the waist very much (especially since I buy them much larger than needed).
Isista Isista 9 years
I really hate the way they feel. And I have the bad habit of tearing them and runs just bug me :P
anners anners 9 years
tight, nylons, hose. I don't even know the difference!
gabitaitalia gabitaitalia 9 years
i wore ones today :)
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