Yesterday, when talking about "the shoe that got away", we noticed a twist in the story. Something we didn't mention when we were articulating our love for the Peter Pan shoe by Sigerson Morrison was that, the season prior, we had purchased a flat loafer from the brand in the same grey, suede. The loafer served us well and we would have bought them a second time, had the shoe not been discontinued. When, the next season, we saw a peter pan shoe in the same grey, suede, we put the loafer we loved so dearly, to rest. So, yesterday, when making a reference to Dolce Vita's rip-off of the vintage peter pan shoe (we know, it's a bit confusing), we noticed another rip off that makes the story all the more interesting (well, at least to us). There, on the Dolce Vita site, was the grey loafer, the exact grey loafer that prompted us to find our true love, the Sigerson Morrison peter pan shoe, masquerading at a Dolce Vita design. Dolce Vita gets ripped off left and right so maybe this is their retribution? Well, look ladies. The Sigerson loafer, the original version of this particular shoe, is no longer. If you like the Dolce Vita version, we don't blame you. We just thought you might like to know where that little guy came from--just West of Bowery, thankyouverymuch.