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Erin Wasson Foresees Doing a New Clothing Line in Six Months

>> Now that Erin Wasson's RVCA split has been confirmed, she's focusing on her Low Luv jewelry line — which she promoted at Azalea boutique in San Francisco last week. After explaining to Refinery 29 where the line's name came from — "Anybody who's going to scream 'I love you!' at the top of their lungs, I'm leery about. I want to be whispered I love you to. It's love on the down-low. Jewelry exchanged as heirlooms in families is an exchange of love. And it's less disposable than clothing" — she talked with StyleList about the probability of another clothing line: "Anything's possible. I like to keep a bit of mystery. I'm not ready to read my entire book to everyone right now. There are still a lot of chapters being written. And I want to make sure that [a clothing line is] right."

She's on a break right now, but in six months . . . »

She continued when speaking with FabSugar: "I'm in the works of talking with other people and taking my time to really figure out what that next step is going to be. I'm definitely going to be coming up with another clothing line, standing on my own two feet and making it my own but it's probably six months away from now. Taking a little intermission right now . . . If I do [clothing again] one day, for sure, denim is a staple, it's always going to be a part of everything that I do. I love leather, that's always going to be a thing that I do moving forward."

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