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Exclusive Interview With J.Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons on Jewelry

Fab Exclusive! Jenna J.Crew Reveals the Jewelry Process

When I talked to J.Crew's Creative Director Jenna Lyons during New York Fashion Week, I had to ask her about those wonderful J.Crew jewels. Coincidentally, you can learn all about the brand's jewelry designer, Molly Carey, in the latest catalog. Molly sounds pretty rad, and here's what Jenna revealed about the upcoming Turkey-inspired Fall jewelry collection.

How do you start the jewelry process?

It's one of those things where it's anywhere and everywhere. This past season the girl who oversees jewelry went to Turkey and came back with some crazy cool pieces.

Is this for the Spring or Fall collection?

I'm sorry I'm so off, I never know…

For the rest of the jewel talk,


Well, you guys have like 10 seasons.

(Laughs). Yeah, we’re not on the same schedule as everybody else . . . that would have been Fall. Turkey-inspired. And that had nothing to do with the rest of the line, but she went on a trip and came back with these crazy things, and I was like, that's kind of amazing. So we decided to use them and they put it together. What's nice is, I think it's the way people dress. I don't wear head-to-toe J.Crew. I think when things look too matched, it just looks matched and less interesting. We do a lot of vintage shopping, tons of vintage-inspired stuff. We do a lot of things where we just take stuff that we have and topple them together and play with them and then send them out and they come back. It’s actually a lot of physical tweaking, or that’s not so cute, or let’s add this here, it’s a very tactile process.

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